General Naruto anon discussion post

Discuss everything Naruto-related anon.

Here you can:
  • talk about canon (anime/manga)
  • talk about all the characters
  • rec fic/art, ask for recs
  • discuss fic/art
  • etc.
You should:
  • title your threads
  • post anon
  • live and let live
  • not bash characters/pairings (you can say that you don't like something and give reasons, but stuff like "I hate___ cause s/he suckz" will be deleted)
  • not be an asshole
Flat view

Guy/Kakashi anon drabble meme

Post an anon comment with a prompt, get a drabble fill. Fill some prompts in return. Fill length is up to you. Prompts can be anything. Subjectlines are enabled, so you can title your prompts.

Prompts and fills should feature Kakashi and/or Guy, gen is allowed, using only one of the two characters is allowed. Three-and moresomes are fine, as long as there's KakaGuy in there.

You can post anon or logged in (anon is encouraged). Don't wank or spam. Seconding is allowed. There's no need to claim prompts, multifills are awesome. Feedback is also awesome.

Questions, complaints, constructive criticism? PM naruto_1anon